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As I demonstrated the Stressaway acupressure tools at different events using micro-system pressure points, people consistently reported very positive results in pain reduction. Since there are few scientific studies supporting the hypothesis that there are miniature representations of the body in the ears, hands and feet, I decided to quantify the results of my acupressure demonstrations. When people came to my booth I asked them if they were in pain, and if they were, would they participate in a small study? Here is some research I have gathered to determine how well the Stressaway acupressure tools are working. It also tells us how many people can expect to get positive results with these tools.


My hypothesis was that different micro-systems in the ears, hands and feet correspond to different body parts and that there is a miniature mapping of the body represented in these external parts. By stimulating these micro-system points with acupressure I wanted to determine if there was a reduction of experienced clinical pain. I also wanted to determine if people could expect results with self treatment. If the pressure points corresponding to the problems people were having were sore, it was one indication that these sore points relate to the corresponding painful body part. If brief stimulation of the point provided any pain relief, this is a second indication that the pressure point matches that specific part of the body.

I tested over eleven hundred people at several different fairs. I measured pain levels using a visual analog scale (numbered scale) before and after a short treatment. I measured frequency and intensity of symptoms and costs of medication and treatment. I applied pressure on the sore points for less than three minutes. Sore points always related to problem areas identified by participants. Sixty-five percent of the people with headaches (387) were completely pain free within three minutes. The chart below indicates percentage of pain reduction levels recorded within three minutes.

In three minutes 37 percent of the group were totally free of pain; 73 percent were free of 50 percent of their pain; and, 2.5 percent reported no change in pain levels.


Headaches 85% Knee 67%
Back 79% Hip 85%
Shoulder 85% Hand 51%
Neck 74% Wrist 89%
Foot 80% Elbow 75%


Percentage of Pain Reduction

Average reduction within 3 Minutes -- 78 Percent



This pilot study supports the hypothesis that there is a miniature mapping of the body represented in these external parts and that stimulation of these points with acupressure results in a reduction of experienced clinical pain. These positive results, together with the dramatic testimonials of people who have used the Stressaway Acupressure program, support the hypotheses that acupressure with these tools offers an effective and cost savings method of treatment that is worth studying.

Controlled, long-term studies are now being conducted to verify that people are getting lasting results. If you are in a setting (business, hospital, school, health center, doctors office, etc.) where you can help us evaluate the validity and reliability of these results please contact us.

This study has dealt only with pain because we do not have the funds to measure the effects of these tools on diseases that take longer and more extensive follow up. There were many individual cases of relief of coughs, colds, nausea, infections, allergies, arthritis, paralysis, and fatigue, to list just a few, but not enough to document in the short time available. The World Health Organization lists general areas known to respond to acupuncture (or acupressure). Our other books list most of these problem areas. We also have several thousand conditions on computer, and this list is available also.

These results and others are confirming what medical historians have found in cultures all over the world for thousands of years. Mild short-term pain reduces more severe pain problems. People can continue to get results for pain and illnesses. The three critical factors needed are: intensity of pain stimulus (correct tools), accuracy of finding the correct point (provided in our manuals), and frequency of stimulation (up to each individual).



News Release

Self-Help Health Care for a New Millennium

The world's oldest medical system, retooled for the '90s and beyond, is producing revolutionary results in the areas of pain relief , disease prevention and self care. Acupressure-acupuncture without needles-has been used in China, Japan and other parts of Asia for millennia. Now, Stressaway Acupressure is bringing this ancient healing art into the 21st century.

Convenient Acupressure Kits combine detailed information -- presented in a clear, easy-to-use format with state-of-the-art acupressure tools. Together, these key elements can help anyone achieve optimal results for themselves or loved ones quickly, easily and effectively, at minimal cost, in the privacy of their own home.

Research involving more than 15,000 people over the past 7 years has consistently produced dramatic results. Participants including many whose chronic pain had failed to respond to other therapies reported an average pain reduction of 78 percent within just three minutes, using Stressaway Acupressure tools. More than a third (37 percent) reported being completely free of pain.

Unlike acupuncture, acu-PRESSURE is non-invasive: NO NEEDLES. It's safe, has no negative side-effects, and has consistently proven effective in treating a wide range of diseases and conditions, including alcoholism, allergies, arthritis, back pain, colds, cramps, drug addiction, flu, hypertension, insomnia, nausea, pneumonia, stress, toothache and ulcers.

Besides relieving pain and other symptoms, acupressure promotes overall healing and speeds recovery from injuries and surgery. It also shows promise as an early diagnostic tool to screen for cancer or other life-threatening conditions. In addition, applying acupressure the Stressaway Acupressure way is extremely cost-effective. Once a user purchases the affordable priced kit, there's no additional cost for future treatments.

Here's what sets The Stressaway Acupressure program apart from other products on the market:

Innovative tool designs produce precise, deep, effective pressure:

Simplified material is easy to understand and use:

Detailed information covers thousands of conditions

Stressaway Acupressure's books, tools and convenient kits are now being marketed in health-food and book stores across the country, helping individuals and health-care providers reduce treatment costs and encouraging users to take personal responsibility for their own health.

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