Four Important Headache, Neck,

and Shoulder Points




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Li 4  On the back of the hand between the thumb and index finger metacarpal bones. Find the spot midway on the bone that connects the index finger to the wrist. Sometimes this point is easy to find by squeezing two fingers together to form a small mound and marking an imaginary point at the peak of that mound. Then probe inward toward the main body of the hand, right on the bone. Do NOT use this point if you are pregnant. Li11 On the extreme end of the outer crease of the elbow. Bend your arm tightly and place your thumb or Acu-Ki on the end of the crease. Keep your massager in place. Open the arm and stimulate the point on your relaxed arm downward toward your forearm.GB21 On the top of the shoulder, one to two inches from the side of the neck. GB20 This point is right under and against the base of the skull, in the two small muscular grooves at the back of the neck, two to three inches apart depending on the size of the head.

Most people get results just stimulating these four points for headaches.  Sixteen points are listed on the regular printout but your goal is to find a few points that give you relief.  For the headache it is best to stimulate the points in a particular order: Start with your hand, then try the elbow, then the shoulder and finally the points behind the head.  Pressure can be applied with your fingers or tools.  Explore the general area until you find the sore spot.  Stimulate that point for 30 seconds to a minute , while sitting down.  Stimulate the points mostly on the side where you have a problem; sometimes, however, you will need to work with both sides.  

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