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Alcoholism Relief with Acupressure

This is the web page that will focus on Alcoholism. This page will include background, research, articles, how to start using the points, blogs, facebook, twitter connections and all other networking information. This page will be open only to people who are part of the acupressure study program and are allowing us to assist them to get the best personal results possible and to track their progress.

The link to the points for relief of Alcoholism are found below.


Acupuncture & Alcoholism
One of the biggest obstacles facing alcoholics and drug addicts when trying to kick the habit is managing to overcome the withdrawal symptoms. However, one treatment that has been demonstrated to offer great help in the ‘drying out’ process is acupuncture.

In a placebo controlled study at the Department of Medicine, University of Minnesota Medical School, Minneapolis, eighty severe recidivist alcoholics were randomly assigned to one of two groups. One group were given acupuncture at points specific for the treatment of substance abuse (treatment group) and the other group were given a placebo treatment at nonspecific points (control group).

Twenty one people in the acupuncture group successfully completed the programme compared to only one person in the control group. The results provide strong evidence to suggest that acupuncture could greatly enhance the success of alcoholic and drug abuse support programmes.

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