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Cancer Relief with Acupressure

This is the web page that will focus on Cancer. This page will include background, research, articles, how to start using the points, blogs, facebook, twitter connections and all other networking information. This page will be open only to people who are part of the acupressure study program and are allowing us to assist them to get the best personal results possible and to track their progress.

The link to the points for relief of Cancer are found below. In general you should include the points for Cancer along with the specific points for the part of the body or type of Cancer that you are working with.


Cancer Breast

Cancer Leukemia

Acupuncture & Stomach Carcinoma Pain
Clinical observation on 48 cases of stomach carcinoma pain indicated that acupuncture including filiform needle group and point-injection group had better therapeutic effects in treatment of stomach carcinoma pain when patient's mind was concentrated at the site of disease.

After treatment for 2 months, the long-term effective rates of analgesia in both the filiform needle group and the point-injection group were similar to that in the western medicine group, all being about 81%. While the long-term markedly effective rates in the two groups were superior to that in the western medicine group. Life quality of the patients in all the groups were improved. The toxic action and side effects caused by chemotherapy were prevented, the high viscous state showed by indexes of blood rheology was improved, and the lowered Cu-Zu-SOD activity in erythrocytes in patients of stomach carcinoma was increased in the filiform needle group and the point-injection group. Based on the results of clinical study, the researchers concluded that acupuncture analgesic effect on stomach carcinoma is related to the increase of PLEK, improvement of cellular immune function and the elevation of life quality after acupuncture.

J Tradit Chin Med 1998 Mar;18(1):31-8 Dang W, Yang J Chengdu College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


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