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Cold Relief with Acupressure

This is the web page that will focus on Cold. This page will include background, research, articles, how to start using the points, blogs, facebook, twitter connections and all other networking information. This page will be open only to people who are part of the acupressure study program and are allowing us to assist them to get the best personal results possible and to track their progress.

The link to the points for relief of Cold are found below. In general you should include the points for Cold along with the specific points for the part of the body or type of Cold that you are working with.


Acupuncture & Coughs, Colds & Flu

Scientists at the Beijing College of Acupuncture & Orthopedics have demonstrated that acupuncture can be extremely beneficial for patients suffering from acute respiratory infections. Fifty seven patients suffering from the common cold, influenza, acute tonsillitis and acute bronchitis were rapid needling with filiform needles at the acupuncture points Dazhui (Du 14), Fengchi (GB 13), and Quchi (LI 11). The results showed that in nineteen of the patients (33%) the treatment was regarded as " markedly effective", in a further 27 patients the treatment was regarded as "effective" (48%) and only eleven patients (19%) failed to respond to the treatment . The total effective rate was therefore 80%.

A detailed analysis of the patients revealed that the peripheral blood leucocyte and lymphocyte counts differed insignificantly after needling, while the body temperature, rate of respiration, pulse, blood pressure and acupoint temperature all dropped, with a simultaneous increase in the percentage of T-lymphocytes showing an activated immune system. The immediate beneficial effects of the acupuncture treatment were especially high in those patients who suffered from fevers due to exogenous wind and cold.

Tan D. Treatment of fever due to exopathic wind-cold by rapid acupuncture. Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine (CHINA) Dec 1992, 12 (4) p267-71,

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