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Acupressure Cancer Screening: An Alternative

Previous studies conducted by Monte Cunningham at The Acu-Ki Institute have verified that the ear, feet and hands reflect miniature representations of the body. Several women with previously diagnosed breast cancer who were a part of the these studies showed marked soreness on the points on their hands and feet that relate to the breast. A series of studies will establish a practical application of these results in treating of health problems related to cancer. The research indicates this method may be especially effective for early cancer detection, quick pain relief, and reducing symptoms related to standard cancer treatments. Also the benefits of acupressure for cancer therapy may be greatly improved if we can treat cancer before it develops.

Help us document the benefits of this alternative therapy. We need people with cancer, high cancer risk groups, fibrocystic lumps in breast, people who have had these problems and have been treated, or people who are interested in using this screening method for early detection and prevention.

Screening and treatment can be done at home with simple pressure applied to acupressure points related to your problem.   Make sure you say the type of cancer you have and the specific organ most affected on the Acu-form.



Headaches  This is the condition that seems to get the best results with acupressure.  Numerous studies have been done.  In studies at The Acu-ki Institute we found sixty-five percent of the people using acupressure for headaches were free of their pain in less than three minutes.  Since there are so many types of headaches make sure you mention the type you have in the Acu-form if you decide to participate in this study.

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